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([personal profile] zhylosa Jun. 2nd, 2009 09:25 am)
So my training is going slowly, but I am walking and making progress.

Not only do am I training but now I need to start and focus on my funding raising, so here is the donation widget:

Help me reach my goal for the Seattle Breast Cancer 3-Day!

I know that for many donating money is not a option, so I have been looking into other fund raising options and found one where in which writing reviews of local business helps me fund raise. Once registered at
http://www.insiderpages.com/fundraisers/Breast-Cancer-3-Day-M-Olson-0906, fundraiser participants can conveniently
write reviews on their favorite local business from work or home, day or night, throughout the fundraising period. For each qualifying review written between 06/01/09-06/23/09, Insider Pages will make a donation toward my fundraising goal.

For those that I live close to me I am also collecting used printer cartridges (inkjet and laser) and used cell phones to be recycled. Just let me know I will arrange a time to pick them up.

Now I should get back to work.
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